How can you use a baby carrier?

Hello Everyone,

Linda is here again :)

As you can refer from the title of this post, today I would like to write about baby carriers and how you can use them. Due to I use this kind of method to carry my baby (and I used it before in the case of the other two kids) I have some experiences and also useful information I would like to share with you.

Baby carriers are there to help the mothers get more attached to their child even in their busy life. Baby wearing allows the mothers to know each and every movement and changes in their child that is taking place since birth. There are evidence showing that baby wearing helps to reduce the stress and fussiness in the child to a great extent as they are being continuously nurtured by their parent. It also helps the child to learn new things as they look like what their parents are doing. So it helps to provide the right amount of warmth, love and bond that a child needs in its growing age.

There were baby carriers even in the past like the slings, wraps and papooses where the mother used to tie her baby around her. The concept is being used in the modern periods but the techniques have been changed. Modern times baby carriers are more comfortable, soft and safe as compared to their past. There are many ways in which one can use the baby carriers so that the child feels comfortable and safe.

Types of baby wearing:

Baby wearing is not an easy task as it involves many important points to look at. There are different positions in which you can wear your baby or use the baby carrier depending on the comfort of the baby. Some of the common types of baby carrier methods are:

  • The first type is the infant hug hold position. It is one of the best types of the baby carrier as it keeps your baby very close to your heart so that it can feel your warmth and presence. But there are certain points that you should keep in mind for a safe hug hold position. Your child should not feel uncomfortable or should be placed in a proper height.


  • Second is the facing in position which is considered to be the safest position for a baby as the mother/father has proper control on their baby. Parents should avoid facing out position due to some reason such as it does not allows for leg support of your baby, makes it difficult for the parent to carry their baby, creates suffocation for the baby due to extra pressure and it does not support your baby’s neck. So it is feasible to carry your baby in a face in position.


  • Third is the back carry position which is ideal for toddlers as they are now in the position to control their head and neck. Back carry allows the parent to do any task which can be difficult if the baby is in the front. But there are certain safety measures to be carried out even in this back carry method.


  • Lastly is the hip carry position which allows your baby to sit comfortably on your hip. They sit safely and follow everything that is being done around them.

These are some of the common position of baby wearing which can be used easily. Some carrying methods are for infants and some for toddlers depending upon their ability to control their body.

For the first 2 kids I used the same baby carrier but for now I had to buy a new one. I searched a lot online in order to find the best baby carrier but finally I got to youtube and watched the following video. I think this video can help you a lot if you are do not know yet what kind of baby carrier do you prefer. It shows you the different types of carriers and wraps but the coolest thing is that you can see how to use each and every pieces.

My New Breast Pump And The Story I Found It

Hello Everyone!

Until today only my husband James wrote blog posts to our site. But as you can see there is a while he has not post anything.

The reason of this little break is that we expected our third child :) So we needed the time for each other in order to prepare for our new life.

My pregnany was quite easy I think – but of course we had enough experience for this. But as time changes continously there were many great solutions what could make my pregnant life easier.

That is the reason why I asked James if I could write about these things on our blog. He was very happy about it and of course he let me. So now when I have free time I will write about greast stuffs which helped and helps me a lot.

Our third little one is 3 months old now so I started to come back to life :) It means that I have a little more free time because I think I can say we are getting used to each other.

Fortunately Sarah and Jim help me a lot and they really love their new sister, Christine :).

Anyway that was enough :) Let’s get started what we are here for :)

Due to Christine is my third child and the other two already 11 and 13 years old we had to buy new stuffs for me.

What really makes my life easier is my new breast pump. The reason why I needed a pump is that I often have to stay away from Christine. I have to go and take care for the other two when James can not make it. I have to drive them to school, go to the supermarket and so on. At these time my mother comes for our home and watch out for the little one.

For me breastfeeding is very important. I am really lucky that I have enough milk to feed my baby – so the reason why I wanted to get a breast pump is that I want to give her breastmilk even when I can not be around her. Thanks to the breast pump I could express and store milk for her and when I am out my mom can give it her too.

I was wondering a lot about what kind of breast pump should I buy. I read a lot about the differences between the manual and the electric pumps and finally I found this great video: best breast pump reviews. It was a great help because Mommyzon made a toplist about the TOP 8 breast pumps available online. This toplist contains manual and electric breast pumps too. Finally I thought that I will need a double electric breast pump because  think this is the most practical and comfortable for everyday use. It is great if you have to express more milk and pump many times a day. Thanks to my new breast pump I could produce enough milk for Christine and my mom can feed her I am not at home.

I truly recommend you to watch the video about the best breast pumps! It can help you to find the one which meets with all of your expectation!

Finally I chose the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump which comes with an on the go tote so I can bring it with myself wherever I go :)

Here you can see a picture from it:

My New Breast Pump By Medela

I hope my post and this review video can help you If you want to find the best pump for yourself!

Have a nice day,


Fruit of the long weekend: our new free standing hammock

Hello everyone, the Long Family is here again :)

As today, 25th of May is the last Monday of May it is Memorial Day here in the United States. This means that today is a federal holiday for us.

Thanks to this we had a long weekend from Friday so our family could spend a lot of time together.

The weather was quite good but sometimes it was raining a little bit. During the rainy hours we made a brownie for the kids, we watched my daughter favourite movie, the Muppets movie, and after that I was playing some games with Jim before bad.

But lets start at the beginning. First of all we had lunch together and after that we went out to the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. But after one or two hours, around 3 o’clock it started to rain so we had to go back inside the house. We waited a little but the rain was getting stronger so we decided to eat some sweeet thing :) We really like brownies so my wife made us a triple chocolate pan.

It was so delicious, you can see a picture from it:

triple chocolate brownie by long mom

Look great huh :) ? Yummmmiii

While we ate it we was watching Sarah’s favourite, the Moppet movie. This movie is really cute and funny, but to be honest for the x millionth of time it is a little bit boring… But at this time I noticed an interesting thing which I have not until today.

In the film we can see hammocks which are really cool. I think firstly we can see it at Rowlf’s house where he relax on his own green one.


Rowlf relaxing in a hammock

Due to the fact that I was really bored I started to surf around the internet to watch out what kind of hammocks can be found online.

I remember when I was a teenager we had one, which was made from rope, but it was not very comfortable. I was browsing for approx. 10 minutes when finally I arrived a really great website (

I could get acquainted with the different types of hammocks, believe me there are many of them. After that I started to feel that our family should get one! They are awesome! They are the best outdoor furnitures what we can ever imagine.

On this site I find the free standing hammock category. I did not know many things about them so now I tell you what I know now, maybe it can help you.

So free standing hammocks are just like simple hammocks, but they have a strong separate stand where you can hang them on. What does it mean? You do not need trees! Excellent!

They can be use in your garden, but at the end of summer you can put them into your living room.

They are really functional and mobile thanks to their stands which can be made from wood or steel. As I saw the ones with steel stands are much more cheaper than wooden ones. But I think wood is really durable, and as we are a family with four members we need a strong one if we would like to use it together.

Due to this site was the most reliable for me I told Linda we should buy one for summer. She really liked the idea so we started to plan what we will do with it. We decided to put it into our yard but we will not tell it for the kids. We really hope that it will be a great surprise for them. We talked about the wide varieties of usages of this freat product: we will use it for sunbathing but if it will be enough we will put it onto our terrace which is in shadow at afternoon. When summer is over we will put it into our guest bedroom after we clean it a little bit :)

Approximately five minutes later we made our choice togerther, and we ordered our new free standing hammock which will be delivered in this week.

Until then here you can see a picture from it, we hope it will be the exact same :) I am going to give you an update when we get it!

If you would like to see a cool free standing hammock like this, visit the site here!

longs new free standing hammock with wooden stand



We bought a dinosaur backpack for Jim

Hello everybody, the Long Family is here :)

I have to tell you that finally we found the best backpack for school for our son. It was a hard driving but at the end I think we made the right choice. Due to we had many different kinds of expectations firstly we had to find the golden middle way in order to quickly find a great pack for our son.

My son, Jim is 10 years old so he is not a little child anymore. That is the reason he noticed us that he need a new backpack because he think that his first one is a little bit childish already.

Okay, we accept his point of view and we started to look around on the internet.

It is interesting that me and my wife had different expectations about the new backpack. My son said to us that he would like a pack which not as childish as his old one, but he would like a bag which has a dinosaur figure on it. Due to his favourite movie is Jurassic Park.

What? :) Okay. I thought that we will never find a bag which meets with all of the expectations of my wife and which has also have dino print.

But fortunately I found a great website in google called and we quickly bought a new dinosaur school bag for our son. They collected the best ones from the market and they also took great attention for the most important characteristics what a good school bag has to have. So at the end we bought a cool dino backpack with a scary t-rex on it. It is very functional and comfortable.

Here is a picture from it:

t-rex jurassic park dino backpack

I hope we do not need to buy another one within a sort period of time :) but if yes I will visit this page again because they have dino bags for teenagers and adults too so if our son will need a new dino related backpack it is sure that I will use this site again!

If you are searching for a great product like this, I recommend you to visit the website here.


The story of our domain

As we promised our second post is about the story of our domain name.

When we decided to start a blog about our family life we discussed it with our children. They found this thing very interesting so they would like to join this journey somehow. Of course :)

When we started to talk about what name should we give it to the site my son Jim exclaimed: I know, I know!!! We should call it Monster Tale :D


If you are not know, Monster Tale is a Nintendo game which was released in 2011. Our family was a great fan of this game that is why our son said we have to give this name to our blog.

We spend a lots of time playing with this game with our children. So it was a great way to spend our free time together when the weather was bad outside.

(And I have to tell that I really enjoyed it :D)

If you would like to know more about this cool game visit the wikipedia site here.

It worth a try :)

Here you can see a video about the game:


Welcome on the Blog of the Long Family

We are very glad that you are here!

This is our first post on our blog!

My name is David. Me and my wife would like to share you great tips and experiences about every day life.

We have two great children so we have experiences about kids too.

We hope you will enjoy our posts!

Today we will share you the story of our site name :) It will be really funny, stay tuned :)

Come back soon!

David and Linda